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Laying our foundation

In 2012, Marissa Mayer hired our founder, Jack Griffin, to help transform productivity and communications at Yahoo where he led coaching and training programs across the organization. A few years later in 2016, Jack joined an unexpected mission trip to Haiti where he rekindled his faith in Jesus and ignited a new passion for helping others grow.

Solidifying our expertise

When Jack returned from the Haiti trip he continued to grow his coaching expertise with Marissa as well as his philanthropic impact when he joined the Yahoo Employee Foundation as a board member to help steward a $10M budget for community development. He rounded out his corporate experience by supporting the executives of Verizon Media when they acquired Yahoo in 2017 and then left to pursue more personal development on a solo backpacking adventure around the world (16 countries across Asia, South America and the Middle East) where he eventually completed marathons on 5 of 7 continents, an Iron Man and 100 mile ultra marathon.

Establishing our mission

During his travels, Jack accumulated unique experiences including a moment of divine inspiration on a remote beach in Indonesia where he received the idea for Light Up Ventures. The concept was dramatically confirmed when an unexpected tropical storm sent booming lightning strikes through the dark sky as Jack prayed about the mission of Light Up Ventures: illuminate people through story development.

Scaling our impact

Since 2018, our growing team at Light Up Ventures has continued to deliver world class services to influential organizations from Fortune 100s to agencies and nonprofits. Our unique services create valuable impact through certified coaching and training to develop leaders and their stories. But we don’t stop there! We scale our impact by donating 20% of profits to local and international philanthropies to further their personal and professional growth.

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Nonprofit Partners

Nonprofit Partners

Nonprofit Partners

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